Welcome to The Triumphant Soul

The mission of The Triumphant Soul is to assist you in healing, educating, and enlightening your soul by providing you with the tools and forums to tap into the resources available today.

It is my hope and passion to help you heal the pain your soul has, the known and unknown. By gently exploring many of the physical, mental, and emotional challenges you have today, you can enter an era of possibility, where your life can dramatically change for the better by understanding, forgiving, and releasing the pains you've had for centuries.

It's time to cast out that inner critic and accept that you are worthy of love as well as good things in your life. There is too much doom and gloom with prophecies of disaster, the world ending, and 2012, when in fact what awaits you is the time in your life where you can experience heaven on earth, as remarkable as that may seem now. It only requires a shift in your thinking which we will assist you in having.

During the healing process you will begin to educate yourself on the true meaning of your soul and your relationship to it, to God, and to others. As you understand where you came from and where you are going, there will be a happiness emerging with the anticipation of great hope, something many of you lack today!

As you develop a greater understanding of yourself as well as others, you will begin a path of enlightenment that will move about with you in your everyday life as you meet the challenges of our trying society. Not only will you be opening yourself up for blessings but you will become a blessing to mankind.

Please join me along with your brothers and sisters from all walks of life as we together help each other reach the ultimate happiness. The union of your soul with God.

Happiness Lies in Serving the Salvation of Humanity!

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