About Me

100_8252Hello, I'm Sheldon Carlough. I've been a spiritual seeker for 30 years. I've studied many philosophies, religions, and beliefs over the years and have come to that point in my life where I have a need to devote my time and energies to helping people across the globe heal, educate, and enlighten their souls. This is how The Triumphant Soul was born.

I spent 23 years of my life working as a Respiratory Therapist. As I touched many lives, young and old, living and dying, I discovered that there was more to the human race than just the physical body. There was the spiritual body too.

It was my own illness at age 23 that thrusted me into an era of spiritual seeking as my soul in wonderment searched for divine truths. It came to pass that working in the medical field was no longer adequate as my soul yearned for something more meaningful to do. It was now time to make that journey where I could tie the practical daily living fret with all its challenges to the true essence of our being, our soul.

I will share my knowledge and experience as I hope you will with our brothers and sisters in the pursuit of
healing, educating, and enlightening your souls. I want this site to be a place where you can come to share,
learn, and heal the pain, sorrows, joys, and victories you all experience.

No matter what philosophy, belief, or religion (if any) you have, it is my hope that I can offer information
that will enrich your life as each soul has in it the seed of Triumph!

I will be blogging about many topics relating to the soul such as spirituality, psychology, religion, and

Happiness Lies in Serving the Salvation of Humanity!

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